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How can I get a copy of a test result?

There are several ways you can find a test result on the TestConfirm website:

1- You can find the session the particular test was recorded, and find the person and click the Instant or Lab Result tab for that person and see the results that way

2-) If you dont know the session under which the test result is recorded, you may go to Manage Donors, and find the donor name using the search function, and find the test results from the link

3-) You can go to specimen history section, and using the donor name and/or specimen id number you can find the test result

4-) If this test result is for a recent test, or it is a "Lab Confirmation Only" test where you did not record it using the sessions but short form of Lab Confirmation Only option, you can find the test result by going to activity tab on the top, and using the search function or datatable list you can find the lab or instant test result

5-) Another way you can find the test result is from Donor History section, by using the donor name or donor ID

Above methods are available for you to use on TestConfirm website. On the mobile app, you can only see instant test results.  For laboratory confirmation results, you have to use the TestConfirm website. 

On the mobile app, to see instant test results, search for the donor you are looking for and find the specific session you want to see results for. (You can use the search function on the app’s home screen to find specific sessions.) 

When you find the session you are looking for, tap the name of the donor you want to see and their instant test results will appear.