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How do I record test results using TestConfirm Mobile App?

Step 1:  Donor Created - Instant Result Ready

A timer counts down until instants test results are ready to interpret so the collector can attend multiple specimen at the same time.

At this point you will have one of these two paths to proceed to record an instant result. If the device you use is a device TestConfirm system can read it will put you to the System Suggested Result Reading Path. If the device is one of the devices TestConfirm system can not read and auto-suggest results, then you will go on the Manual Reading Path.

System Suggested Result Reading Path

Step 2: Record Device Result Images (Optional) - 

Admin or Collector could skip if they do not want to record the result image and if simple manual reading is preferred. Depending on the device you will see option to take one or two pictures (one result panel is one image, two result panel is two image)

Step 3: Take a Photo of the Flat Panel

The test device can be held for the photo, but recommend placing the device on a flat surface.

Step 3:  Match up Test Strips

Test panel strips will be recommended, confirm visually.

Step 4: Complete Flat Panel Side Photos

For example Side 1 will show test panels 1-7, Side 2 will show panels 8-14 (most tests will have only one side)

If there are two sides, capture image of Side 2

Image recording includes the full picture; if there is a QRcode/specimen ID that is also saved on the photo. 

Step 5: Review Recommended Results and Save (or send to Lab if confirmation testing needed)

All results (with a high confidence level) will be recommended on this screen. If the result does not have high confidence, the collector will be prompted to rescan or enter manually. At this stage, the user will confirm and save results or send to the laboratory. If the collector wants to rescan the result for a better picture he/she can use the scan icon on the top right corner to do so. Besides result images, two optional pictures for archival with the record will be available for capturing Employee ID, Drivers License, etc…

Even though the system may auto-suggest you the result, as the collector you have the final decision on what result you will record for this test. If you want to go through the result recording and a new system auto-suggestion process, you may push on the scan button on the top right-hand corner by the Edit option. The system will go through the same auto-suggestion and picture taking process again. The earlier images will not be saved and overwritten if you go through this process. 

At the result reading page shown above, you will have the option to record the result as "Mark As Completed" or "Send to Lab". If you are not sure if you want to send the sample to the laboratory, you should "Hold" the result to save it temporarily so that once you decide you can send the sample to the laboratory. When you decide to send the sample to the laboratory, you will be instructed to choose which drug panels you would want the Laboratory to run their confirmation test. 

Manual Result Reading Path

Step 2: Look at the result of the device and manually choose the panel results. If you would like to take photos or images for your archive, you may initiate that from the same page. 



Step 3: Decide your final action regarding the test result. Choose either "Mark As Completed" if you are comfortable with the result and will not be sending the sample to the laboratory for confirmation or "Send to Laboratory" if you would like to do so. If you are not sure, you can put the result on "Hold" by temporarily saving it till a later time.