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How can I get organized with my sessions? How can I delete sessions or make my sessions available to other users?

Depending on the type of company you are, the amount and type of workplace testing you conduct and the number of locations or employees you have, you may choose to use testing sessions in your TestConfirm accounts in different ways. Test sessions are designed to be modular and help you organize your testing activity. The only limitation you need to be aware about when deciding on how to use testing sessions in your TestConfirm account is as follows:

- There could be only one testing device and one reason for testing within a testing session. Given companies most likely only test their employees for a particular reason (hire back, pre-employment, follow up, random, reasonable suspicion, etc.) and use only one type of device while they are doing that, this limitation will help you not having to enter reason and devices on a regular basis for each new person. 

- You can only test unique donors under the same testing session. For example in the case of pre-employment testing, most commonly candidates are tested once and if they were to be tested again they would be tested for a new reason using a new testing session.

Some of the ways we see our clients use test sessions are as below:

- They have one testing session for each reason and each hiring business unit: New Mexico Pre-Employment

- They organize their sessions by location or department. For example: Santa Fe Office, Otay Mesa Branch, Marketing Dept

- They have one reason for each location or department: For example: Pre-Employment Santa Fe Office, Otay Mesa Random Testing 

- If they have many donors they test on a regular basis, they use certain date ranges to better organize their testing activity. For example: Pre-Employment Santa Fe Office - Nov 19

- If they use more than one type of testing device in one location for the same purpose and do a lot of testing activity: For example: Pre-Employment Santa Fe Office - SalivaConfirm 6 Premium - Nov 19

For users that have access to possibly all these different testing sessions, the number of testing sessions can get crowded fast on the screen. 

In order to make the testing sessions more organized, and have a cleaner user interface for your activities you have several options available to you:

1- Completed testing sessions will be listed first and all the other testing sessions will be listed under in order of date of creation (Complete means all the donors in that particular testing session are processed and either all their instant test results are Marked as Complete or Sent to Lab.)

2- You can make some of the testing sessions that you do not use any more invisible (and then make them visible again when and if you need them). In TestConfirm you CANNOT delete testing sessions since we would like to make sure all testing activity you conducted in TestConfirm should stay within the system. Here is the way you can make testing sessions visible or hidden.

You can go to the testing session history page. You click on the Hide button to make the session Hidden, or you click the Show button to make the session visible again. 

2- By default, only the users that create a particular testing session will get to see the testing session in their TestConfirm system. The way you can make other uses see testing sessions (except collectors, or master and sub-admin users can do this) is by clicking on the blue name button of the testing session in question

Then you can go ahead and choose the users that you would like to have this testing session be visible to

TIP: Session notes are great ways you can put keywords that you can later use in your search, information about your sessions or instruction to your collectors.