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How can I find the results for a particular donor's specimen from an earlier testing session that is not visible right now?

Even if you or another user made a session invisible, you can still easily find a donor's previous test result or a result of a particular specimen Id number you are looking for. There are multiple ways to find that result.

Easiest and quickest way you can find that is to go the specimen history page and use the top right search box and enter the specimen ID number you are looking for 

by entering the Specimen ID number will become

And by clicking the Lab or Instant Result you will be able to save or print the result you might be looking for

You could also use the same search box to find the result using: Donor Name, Collection Date, Specimen ID#, Tracking Number of Lab Shipment, Session Name etc...

Another way you can find the donor or specimen related result would be to use the Donor History page. You can first find the donor in question again using the search box on the left that will help you locate the individual. Once you click on the view on the donor's row, that would bring on the right side of the screen all the tests (with different session names, collectors, reasons as the sortable columns). You can either sort or use the search box on the right to find the specific test result you are looking for.