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How do we send a saliva sample to the laboratory for confirmation, after recording the instant result in a testing session?

After you mark the instant saliva test result on the Record Result Page, you will have the option to finish that result by saving it as "Mark as Complete" or "Sent to Lab". 

IMPORTANT: If you mark the test result as "Mark as Complete' you will NOT be able to send that sample -within that testing session- to the laboratory. If you are not sure and you might later send a sample to the laboratory, we recommend you to use "Hold" option to wait while you are deciding your next step.

In order to send the sample you have recorded to the laboratory, you will need to mark the sample with a Specimen ID# number. You can find that unique ID number either on the device you are using (not all the devices have that specimen ID# - if your device have that number it will be near the QR code on the front of the device result panel and usually will be between 8 - 12 digits) or on the front of the physical chain of custody form (on the removable label).

Enter that specimen number (which is a unique number that can be only used once) on the Specimen ID# field. This specimen ID number will be used by the laboratory to track your sample to the specific donor and the TestConfirm account. If you are using the physical chain of custody form to get this specimen ID#, you DO NOT need to send the physical form or fill out any other paperwork. The steps you take on TestConfirm system will be sufficient.

When you click to "Sent to Lab" button, TestConfirm system will ask you if you are using a new Specimen Collection device (a new collection) or you are sending the actual instant test device. Not all the instant saliva testing devices can be used by the laboratory to confirm test result, and you might need to use a separate SECOND collection device to confirm the donor's test result. Please mark accordingly and click to "Sent to Laboratory" again. 

Then you will be instructed to choose the drug panels you would like to have confirmed by GC/MS analysis at the laboratory. Please carefully choose the panels since you will not be able to go back and change it after you submit the lab order on this screen.