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What is "Lab Confirmation Only" and how is it different then using a testing session? When and who should use that function?

If you don’t require a record of all the information about a donor and a test, this tab will take you through the process of registering a collected sample for laboratory confirmation without having to record the instant test result or any of the donor’s information, etc. You can bypass that and simply send the testing kit to a lab by using this tab. 

This option is generally only used by companies or organizations that do not record their instant screening test activity. Those entities usually opt to send either collection kit samples that do not produce instant screening results for full confirmation or to send positive or inconclusive results after they follow an offline testing workflow that does not get recorded on TestConfirm.


Another reason you might want to use the Lab Confirmation Only option is because of the type of laboratory confirmation tests that are available with this option. There are certain specialty type testing requests available in this mode of testing.

You can choose if you want MRO service or not and if you require donor consent or not with each test. 

IMPORTANT: In the session-based instant test recording, you do not get to choose if you want to use MRO service or if you need Donor Consent with your testing activity. Your account has one setting (that can be adjusted by your Account Manager) regarding if your tests will get MRO review or not. And all your testing activities require donor consent if a sample is sent to the laboratory for confirmation. So if you need to operate with different testing needs for any reason, using the Lab Confirmation Only option is a good way to fulfill those unique requirements.

This mode of lab confirmation testing module has a separate structure to manage collectors, which are called "Lab Only Collectors".

This is the area where you can input each collector’s information and save it. If you need to edit a collector’s information, you can do that after they’ve been entered. 

IMPORTANT: These collectors are only applicable to use with the Lab Confirmation Only function. The collectors added here will not show up in the Collector section of instant test recording sessions. Keep in mind that for the Session section, the collector recorded is the person who is logged into the account conducting the testing activity.