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How can I use the session history function page?

Session history under the Admin tab have several key functions that can be useful:

1-) You can view your testing session history on this tab, search for a specific session by keyword or sort it by various criteria depending on how you need to view it. The search function on the top right side will help you find the session you are looking for.

2-) You can sort existing sessions by clicking on the title of the column, and sort the sessions by date of creation, status, number of donors, their status (hidden/visible), session name. Here are the fields and what they represent:

Session Name: It is the name of the session given by the user that created that session

Registered Date: When the session is created (It is NOT when was the last activity of session)

Status: If there are still donors without a completed result the status of your session will be "Pending". If all the donors within a session have their results saved or sent to a laboratory, the session status will be "Complete"

Number of Donors: How many donors are added under that session 

Hide/Show: This field will show which sessions are visible or hidden

3-) Normally only the users that create a session can see and use the session in their account (or mobile app) with the exception of the Admin User, who can see all sessions. By using the session history section, and clicking on the session name < the blue button> you can open the pop-up the box and edit the session name, session note or make the session visible by other collector or sub-admin accounts

4-) There is no way to delete a session after it is created and this is intentional. TestConfirm system is designed to keep all the testing activity and results to be maintained in your system. However, you may change the visibility of the session to Hidden if you don't want to see that particular session in your session main page. When you make a session hidden, it will be hidden from all the users that might be using that session to record test results. You can make a session hidden or visible by simply clicking on the Hide/Show button: