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I can not find the device I am looking for on my TestConfirm account. What should I do?

At TestConfirm our goal is to make sure that you have a seamless user experience and we take the complexity out of your workplace testing programs. One of the ways we do that is by making sure your TestConfirm account is not flooded with 400 plus different testing models and types we have available. More than 90% of all TestConfirm user companies need three or less devices in their workplace testing programs. 

Depending on how you originally created your TestConfirm account (either with the help of a TestConfirm Account Manager, a basic TestConfirm account you created using our mobile app, or through one of our channel partners), your account might come with no or very few standard testing models and types. If you need a device for your testing program but can not find it available in your system,  you have two options:

(1) Use Request a New Device function under Admin tab. 

If you click Request a New Device, you will be taken to a screen where you can request a new testing device to be added to your TestConfirm account from the list of devices registered to your account. If you want a completely different device with a different drug panel or functionality, you can use the comment function of the form to communicate with your Confirm BioSciences support rep or account manager. Using this screen you can see what might be available for you, and do your own research about what those products do. You can also use the comment section in this section to describe what you are looking for such as:

- You need a new drug testing method like hair, sweat, touch, urine or saliva 

- You need a new type of drug test such as cup, dip-card or cassette

- You need a test that tests for something new like below or others you can see on this page here: https://www.confirmbiosciences.com/knowledge/terminology/drug-test-cut-off-level/  

Drug NameAbbreviationSaliva Detection TimeSaliva Cut-Off Level
AlcoholALC6-12 Hours50 ng/mL
AmphetaminesAMP1-3 Days50 ng/mL
BarbituratesBAR3-5 Days50 ng/mL
BenzodiazepinesBZO1-3 Days10 ng/mL
BuprenorphineBUP1-3 Days5 ng/mL
CocaineCOC1-3 Days20 ng/mL
EcstasyMDMA1-3 Days50 ng/mL
FentanylFEN1-3 Days10 ng/mL
MarijuanaTHC6-12 Hours25 ng/mL
MethadoneMTD5-7 Days30 ng/mL
MethamphetaminemAMP1-3 Days50 ng/mL
MorphineMOR2-7 Days15 ng/mL
OpiatesOPI2-5 Days40 ng/mL
OxycodoneOXY2-5 Days50 ng/mL
PhencyclidinePCP1-3 Days10 ng/mL
PropoxyphenePPX1-3 Days50 ng/mL
Synthetic MarijuanaK2/Spice1-2 Days5 ng/mL
TramadolTRA12-24 Hours50 ng/mL
Tricyclic AntidepressantsTCA1-2 Days50 ng/mL

(2) Contact Us using any of the methods available to you such as chat, forms in our FAQ section or simply using one of the below:

(888) 919-4890
Monday - Friday
7AM to 4PM PST