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How to record an instant test for a donor?

When you find the donor you are looking for (or add a new one), save the donor and they will be added to that Session’s donor list. 

You can then record the results. 

When you click the “Record Result” button, this will open a popup window where you can record the instant test activity for the donor. 

Here are the sections of the test recording window and how you can use them: 

Instant Test Picture 

You can take up to four optional photographs of the instant testing device with your computer or mobile device’s camera. You can use those four images to help you identify and track the tests however you like. For example, you can take a picture of the results that will be visible after the test is conducted, the ID or photo of the individual being tested (if you have consent to do so), and any additional forms or consent documents you want to file with this testing activity.


The top part of this section is where you can confirm the identity of the donor for whom you are recording the preliminary instant test result. You can find their Full Name, Date of Birth and Phone number at the top of this section. The second part of this section is where you see the drug panel configurations on your device, and the possible test results they could be showing. If the drug panel showing on the configuration is not the same as the instant device you are using to conduct the test, you can create another session with the correct device configuration in order to record the test result. 

This is the section where you can record the screening device test results as: 

- Positive 

- Negative 

- Inconclusive (Invalid) 

After you record the drug panel test results, you can then decide whether to send the positives and/or inconclusive results to the laboratory for confirmation. For that, you need to click the corresponding LAB column drug names for the drug test results you want to send for laboratory confirmation.

Test Device (Specimen ID#) 

If you are going to send your samples to the laboratory for confirmation, you need to use a unique Specimen ID number that can be recognized by the TestConfirm system. 

You can find those specimen ID numbers on a TestConfirm Chain of Custody form's first page. Please enter and confirm the number and secure the barcode label on the device you are sending to the laboratory in a way that will avoid tampering. 

IMPORTANT TIP: You CANNOT use a specimen ID number more than once. Each sample sent to the laboratory should have a unique specimen ID, so you can use a chain of custody form only once. So please discard the chain of custody form that you have used the specimen ID number and/or barcode label from. The second part of the Test Device section is where a collector can take notes that can be filed as a part of this particular test result. Some of the possible collector notes/remarks could be regarding the condition of the temperature strip (if available on an instant device), the results of an adulteration strip (if available), donor specification situations like shy bladder or other reasons that affect a sample collection process. 

Result Recording Action Buttons 

At the end of the result recording popup there are three action buttons collectors can use. These buttons and their functions are as follows: 

Send to Lab: This is the button you use to initiate sending the donor’s instant screening test results for confirmation to the laboratory. Once you click the “Send to Lab” option, a new section called “Register Your Test” will show on your record screen. This section will ask you if you are sending to the lab the original instant testing device that you have just used to collect and record the screening result from, or if you have collected a new, separate sample for the purposes of sending to the laboratory for testing. 

Once you choose to send a sample to the laboratory, you will be asked if you are choosing the same sample you just collected (the instant testing device) or you are collecting and sending a new, separate sample (such as a new saliva collection device). 

Hold (Save): The Hold button is used to save the recording of the result with the intent of coming back to it later to complete it. Even if an instant test result is clear and you have completed the recording of that test, if you are not sure whether or not you will send that test/sample to the laboratory for confirmation, please use this function to save it and come back to it later to complete it. 

IMPORTANT: If you click Mark as Complete instead of Hold, you will not be able to send that sample to the laboratory for confirmation. 

Mark as Complete: Use this only when you are completely sure that you are done recording an instant screening test device result, and you will NOT be sending that particular device to the laboratory for confirmation. 

TIP: If, for any reason, you would like to restart the recording of the test results for that particular donor in the session you are in, you can use the X button at the top right hand corner of the result record window to close that window and start over.