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How can I import donor information in bulk into my Testconfirm.com account?

You can add donors in bulk using the import donor function. The first popup you will see after you click the Import Donors button will be a page with an import file template you can use to prepare your import file. Once you prepare your import file, you can identify which session you want to import the donor list to. You can also import donors without specifying a session and they will be added to your general donor list 

Once you click and submit your donor list, you will see the result page of the import process. There are three different import statuses you could see in the result screen. 

If the donors have been added, the status will be “Added” in green. 

If a donor is missing a required field they will not be added, and their status will be “Not Added” in gray. 

If a donor’s date of birth and name matches an existing donor in the database, they will not be added (to avoid duplicates) and their status will be “Exist” in red. 

Import Donors File Template: The import file template you can download and use to build your donor database is a CSV file, and has the following fields: 

● FirstName (Required) 

● LastName (Required) 

● Date of Birth (Required, use mm/dd/yyyy format) 

● Phone Number (Required, 10 digits formatted as 9999999999) 

● Employee ID (Optional, up to 15 alphanumeric characters) 

● Email (Optional, any working email address)