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What functions available under the activity, home and admin tabs?

TestConfirm has two main screens to conduct and monitor testing activity. Those are Home” and “Activity" tabs.” 

The "Admin" is used for managing account settings, users and donor information. You can also access reports. The "Admin" tab is only accessible to Main Admin and Sub-Admin type users. The Admin menu is only visible to Admin and Sub-admin user accounts. Collector accounts will not be able to see this tab and the menu items under this tab.

Here are some of the "Home" functions:

This is going to be the most used page by collectors or admins who conduct drug testing.

It is the page where you can create testing sessions and use them to organize your testing activity. Testing sessions can be categorized in any way that works for your business. They can be grouped by location, business unit, reasons for testing (pre-employment, random, reasonable cause), date, event, etc. It is up to you how you want to label and organize your sessions. They act similar to folders for your testing activity. 

Please keep in mind that a testing session can only have one particular device and a reason for testing. You can view 10 test entries per session at a time by default, but you can change that number up to 100 tests if you prefer. You can also use the search function within each session to find a particular donor or specimen ID number to view, record results or send samples to the laboratory for confirmation. 

The result graph at the top gives you the results for that session. If a single drug panel under one donor is recorded from the laboratory as positive, the whole test will be considered positive. If one drug panel on an instant test is recorded as inconclusive (and all the other panels negative) the entire test will be considered inconclusive. Only when all the panels on a test are negative is the result of the entire test considered as negative. When there is no final result from a laboratory, that test is excluded from calculation.

Here are some of the "Activity" tab functions:

The Activity tab gives you an overview of your account activity. You can use the top left corner to determine how many recent activities you would like to view on a single page. Your options are :10, 25, 50 or 100 tests per page. 

Both testing activities from Testing Sessions and Laboratory Confirmation Only registrations are shown on the activity page.

Here are some of the "Admin" functions:

● Edit Company Info: Where you can change your company, contact and billing information. 

● Manage Users: Where you can add and edit the users who have access to your company TestConfirm account. 

● Manage Donors: Where you can manage the donors you use under your Testing Session system. 

● Recent Activity: Where you can see an overview of your account activity from both Testing Session and Lab Confirmation Only systems. 

● Session History: Where you can find and view the history of the testing sessions you’ve conducted in your Testing Session system. 

● Donor History: Where you can find and view the history of your donors’ tests conducted in your Testing Session system. 

● Specimen History: Where you can find and view the history of your specimens gathered in your Testing Session system. 

● Billing (If Available): If available in your account, you can see the billing menu  functions such as view billing statement activity and pay outstanding bills.

● Device Ordering (If Available): If available in your account, you can order devices for your account and different locations from this menu. You will be able to see your existing orders, their status and tracking numbers from this screen.

● Inventory Management (If Available): If available in your account, you can keep track of how many devices you have at what location, and how many in transit to your locations. Using this function you can be sure to have devices when you need them and never run out. 

Under "Admin" menu you will also have access to the below legacy functions utilized by some customers that prefer to collect samples for lab confirmation only (and not deal with recording instant test result).

● Lab Confirmation Only: Where you can register collection kits that do not have any instant screening test results and you can send samples to the laboratory for full laboratory testing with different panel options. 

● Lab Only Collectors: Where you can add the collectors that do lab confirmation only specimen collection. Please keep in mind that these are lab only collectors and are not the same collectors who are registered in the Testing Session tab who have their own TestConfirm user account (either as an Admin, Sub-admin or Collector).