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What are the main reasons you would use TestConfirm.com account?

You can use your TestConfirm account to manage your chain-of-custody process for instant drug testing and/or when you have a sample that requires laboratory confirmation testing. 

Recording Instant Test Results with Option to Send Sample to the Lab: You can use your TestConfirm account to enter donor information and record an instant test result. After the instant test is completed, you may choose to send the instant test sample for laboratory confirmation. You use the session page (home page) to record these tests.

Lab Confirmation Only: If your account is set up to include the lab confirmation only option, you can send a screening device (or a sample collection kit) with a non-negative result to the laboratory from this screen. Simply choose the type of test and which specific drugs you want to include in your lab confirmation. Per your choice, the laboratory test result will or will not be reviewed by a Medical Review Officer. You use the lab confirmation only page from the admin drop down menu to record these tests. 

Our Testing Session and Lab Confirmation Only systems are intentionally kept separate. Because of this, the collectors and donors of the Lab Confirmation Only system are not integrated with regular Testing Sessions and overall donor and specimen databases. We expect most corporate users of the TestConfirm system to either use Testing Session or Lab Confirmation Only as their default mode, and not mix the use of those two systems on a regular basis. Your Confirm BioSciences account representatives can give you more information during onboarding regarding best use cases of those systems, and why you should use either system.