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How to use home (session management) page on TestConfirm.com?

This is going to be the most used page by collectors or admins who conduct drug testing. It is the page where you can create testing sessions and use them to organize your testing activity. 

Testing sessions can be categorized in any way that works for your business. They can be grouped by location, business unit, reasons for testing (pre-employment, random, reasonable cause), date, event, etc. It is up to you how you want to label and organize your sessions. They act similar to folders for your testing activity. 

Please keep in mind that a testing session can only have one particular device and a reason for testing. You can view 10 test entries per session at a time by default, but you can change that number up to 100 tests if you prefer. You can also use the search function within each session to find a particular donor or specimen ID number to view, record results or send samples to the laboratory for confirmation. 

The result graph at the top gives you the results for that session. If a single drug panel under one donor is recorded from the laboratory as positive, the whole test will be considered positive. If one drug panel on an instant test is recorded as inconclusive (and all the other panels negative) the entire test will be considered inconclusive. Only when all the panels on a test are negative is the result of the entire test considered as negative. When there is no final result from a laboratory, that test is excluded from calculation.