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How to create and manage donors in your account?

IMPORTANT: You should alert donors before you add them and their phone number and/or email address because they will receive a text message or email asking them for consent. This message might look suspicious to them if they are unaware that you’ve added them to your testing database.

If you need to send a testing device to a lab and have not yet received a donor’s consent for testing, there is an option on the table in the Activity tab to resend the consent form. (All tests must be consented to prior to receiving a result from the laboratory for confirmation.

For large batches of donors, you can input a .CSV file with their information. 

You can import large batches of donors into an existing session or you can import them without assigning them to a session. 

In order to import donors via a .CSV file you need to enter their First and Last Name, their Date Of Birth (MM/YY/YYYY format), their phone number (XXXXXXXXXX format without hyphens or dots) and their gender (Male or Female). Their ID number or email address can be added, but are optional fields. Once you import the donors via .CSV file, you will see on your screen which names are imported (green), which ones are not imported because they were already in the account (red), and which ones are not imported because of an error in the format or a missing field (gray). 

At the bottom of the page, you can view your list of donors using a number of criteria depending on how you need to view them. (Alphabetically, numerically by employee ID or by date tested, etc.) 

You can search for a specific donor with the search function on the donor list. 

TIP: You can click the titles of the fields on the donor management list to sort the table in alphabetical order of the field.