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How to create and manage users in your account?

You can change your company’s info and the info of the person who created the account under the Edit Company Info tab. 

On this page you can create collector or sub-admin accounts. These accounts can use your main account. 

Collector account is only able to create sessions, manage sessions and conduct instant tests. They will not have access to the Admin tab and everything within that tab. 

A Sub-admin account is able to create sessions, manage sessions, conduct instant tests and has access to the Admin tab and everything under it. Even though they are an Admin account, they are an Admin only for their own section of the account and not the overall main account. 

A Collector or Sub Admin will only be able to see test activity that their account has created. If a test has been initiated by another collector or admin account, they will not be able to see those tests. Only the main Admin of the account can see all the activity conducted in that company account regardless of which account records the activity. 

The new user will receive an email notifying them that their account has been created. You can add multiple Collector or Sub-admin accounts.