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Unsure of a key term? Here is the TestConfirm terminology defined.

Donor Consent: Each time you start recording a test, the donor will get a phone text asking them to provide consent to account owner to send their samples to a laboratory and provide the result back to the account owner. If there is no mobile phone number on file, the donor will get an email for providing their consent. If the donor does not get their text or email message for the consent, you can use the activity screen and resend the request.

Test Results: You can find your recent test results on the activity page or you can use donor management page or specimen management page.

My Sessions: Helps you record your instant drug test process from beginning to end, and facilitate you to send non-negative samples to the laboratory for confirmation of the screening result.

Lab Confirmation: You can use your TestConfirm account to directly send a specific drug test sample (urine or saliva) for laboratory confirmation. Please go ahead and choose the type of test, what specific drugs you want to include in your lab confirmation. Per your choice, the laboratory test result will or will not be reviewed by a Medical Review Officer.

Users: You can create sub users under your admin account. Often times these sub users are either separate company locations, or individual collectors that record tests for you. There are two type of users. Collectors and Sub-Admins. Collectors can only create sessions, manage sessions and conduct instant tests. Collectors will not have access to admin tab (and everything under) in their account. Sub-Admins can act as collectors and also able to see admin tab. Both user types will be able to only see test activity that their account created. If a test has been initiated by another collector or admin account, they will not be able to see that test.

Testing Session: You can categorize your testing sessions in any way that will work for your business, such as locations, departments or an event. It is a way to organize your activity. A testing session can only have one particular testing device model and a reason for testing. You can add donors and record testing activity under testing sessions. You do not have to indicate collection date of each of your tests, since there will be a time/date stamp associated with each of your test activity.